Tuesday, July 2, 2013

How to take care of Alzheimer’s patient

Hi Guys, long time no see. Actually I was out for summer vacations with my daughter and wife (who else?). Enjoy the next part of Alzheimer's.

As we have already discussed, Alzheimer’s disease is one of the most gruesome diseases hampering the life of man. It often strikes the people, who are above 65 years of age. Later, with the progression of this disease, the life of the victim continues getting worse day by day. 

Thus, the matter of care of Alzheimer’s patient becomes grave. It requires a lot of care, sympathy and your friendly attitude. During the early stages of this disease, the victim may be in position of living and functioning on his or her own strength. 

The ability of handling daily chores dwindles with the progression of this disease. Nevertheless, there are some tips, which you can take to take of Alzheimer’s patient. You should not despise the patient. Remember that mercy donor as well mercy recipient both are blessed by the God. The victim needs your lots of love, care and sympathy.

Tips on how to take care of Alzheimer’s patient

Let the victims of the disease indulge in proper nutrition, physical exercise and good health. Social life also plays an important in their lives so do not let them stay aloof.

Schedule a proper plan for daily activities for helping them in meaning, structure and accomplishment of their endeavors. It is advisable to set up such a schedule with which they can easily become familiar with.
Always prefer the best times for making them do activities as per the part of the day when the victim is at her/his best.

Adopt routines and activities for allowing the victims to take part as much as possible.

Make activities satisfying and familiar and keep your mode of instructions as simple as you can.

In conclusion, Alzheimer’s patients are very pitiable and they need your utmost care, pampering and attention. You should not show any disgust or loath to them. With your care and attention, if they do not get cured absolutely but at least they can be happier and more comfortable.


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