Friday, November 20, 2020

The Day of the Jackal


Being a voracious reader, I have read tens of thousands of books in my life so far. As true reader, I have read more than I can remember and remember more than I have read.  Till date, hundreds of books have been my favorites, and it is really difficult to name any one book as my all time favorite.  

However, if am coerced to select one book as my favorite, I would certainly choose The Day of a Jackal by Frederick Forsyth.

What a book it was, or rather is! A book that satisfied all my senses thoroughly and still left the hunger lingering. Forsyth became my favorite author since then, and I, his loyal all time fan. Frederick has his own unique style of storytelling combined with facts and myths. 

The amount of research he puts into his work is tremendous and requires a great deal of passion.

The book revolves around a plot to assassinate French president Charles D’ Gaulle by some of his former lieutenants disenchanted by his policies. 

The group of men then selects a professional killer, code named as the Jackal, to carry out the assassination. The story starts building from this point. 

The Jackal begins his preparations after negotiating the deal as per his conditions and satisfaction.

Jackal preferred anonymity during the whole operation and considered this as his major weapon. It really thrilled me to read about his preparations, and everything seemed logical. His robbing of passports from tourists, for the anonymous journey to France, was ecstatic. 

Procuring of the killer weapon and getting it upgraded according to his needs was phenomenal. He knew exactly what he required to successfully carry out the killing. 

The plan was made after non-stop smoking and thinking on the bed of his studio apartment.

The book has shades of romance as well, though it was according to the situations that presented themselves unannounced. 

The Jackal’s adventurous journey to France was full of enough excitement to cause goose bumps. 

His entry into France and a series of recce for a perfect location suitable for killing the French president seemed magical to me. The man had guts after all.

At some points, I felt that Frederick knew everything about various assassination attempts that were made on Charles D’ Gaulle in real life. 

I was truly intrigued by author’s research on the subject. His character knew on what occasion the president would make a public appearance at all costs no matter what. 

I sometimes think as if some divine power helped Forsyth to complete the book. And, I have reasons for my thinking. The book is so complete, without any factual or fictional faults, that it raises questions.

Forsyth’s habit of going into the minutest detail of things and characters fascinated me the most. 

He knows about the weapons, world leaders, and wars since he was a mercenary soldier himself, before turning up into a journalist. He utilizes the knowledge gathered from the field in his books.

A Hollywood movie starring Bruce Willis was also made on this book, but failed to do justice with it.




Monday, November 16, 2020

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Saturday, October 31, 2020

How to Write a Covering Letter for Job Application

Most people forget or ignore writing the covering letter while applying for a job, but is a great mistake. Don't do it Guys!

A covering letter is the most important part of your Resume as it reflects your passion towards the job you are applying. 

An effective covering letter should include your basic introduction such as your name, educational qualifications, and city where you reside.

Further, it must contain the name of the position you are applying for, just after the name and address of the person to whom you are applying (before "Dear Sir"). All these things must come in the first paragraph of your letter.

In second paragraph, you should state the reason why you applied for this specific job and why the employer should select you. 

You must state your qualities and skills here and give reason how they are fit for the applied position.

In the last paragraph, you must thank the person to whom you addressed your letter. Put date&place in the end, your signature just before your full name, and your covering letter is ready. An updated Resume must be attached to this covering letter.

An example for a perfect covering letter:

You should put date and place after your name. Also write, "Position Applied For: Position Name" just before "Dear" and align it centrally.

Friday, October 30, 2020

Workout without Working out!

The current trend of workouts, exercise, healthy diet, and lifestyle is actually expanding all over the globe but people find it very tough to take adequate time to pay full attention to health. The lives are very challenging and so is the work. 

The invention of flex belt provides a bit of relaxation to your health worries.

What is a Flex Belt

Actually, flex belt is an abdomen toning system and not an ordinary belt. Therefore, how people should get those astonishing 6 pack abs that they have always wanted without overlooking their work and other important activities? 

There is a good solution to this, and it is known as the flex belt. This product is a clinically confirmed, FDA authorized belt that is utilized to help in toning the muscles on your waist and make you appear smarter while making your desired 6 pack abs. 

However, if you have not heard of this belt, you may be doubtful of the claims and might take is as a rip-off. But, the belt is FDA approved and it is certainly not a scam. 

There are several positive customer reviews that actually speak in favour of the features of this belt. You can read all the reviews if you have any hesitation about the output of the belt. The belt operates by transmitting electronic signals to all the nerves in the body. 

It is really the primary electronic muscle stimulator of its kind and it has been duly passed as a rank II medical appliance by FDA. I have used it and felt the difference. It is a concept that should be encouraged.

Monday, October 26, 2020

Healthy Hot Beverages

With wife and daughter gone for shopping on this Sunday afternoon, after finishing my weekly quota of reading six newspapers, I was left with nothing to do.

Tired with getting bored, I began thinking of preparing some hot drinks which would be both tasty as well as healthy. 

I finally prepared four drinks which I would be discussing here. These drinks can be easily prepared within almost no time and with ingredients that are available in every household. Let's see how surprised my daughter and wife get when they return home.

A Mug of hot chocolate made with cocoa, sugar and milk.

Home Made Hot Chocolate      


1/2 cup sugar, 1/4 cup cocoa, 1/3 hot water, 4 cups milk, 1/2 (small spoon) salt, 3/4 (small spoon) vanilla Extract.

Time of Preparation

5 Minutes

How to Prepare

Pour sugar, salt, cocoa, and water in a pan and cook for 2 minutes while stirring. Now, pour milk into the pan and cook for 3 minutes without boiling the mixture. Take the mixture off the gas stove and mix vanilla extract into it.  

Keep beating the mixture until it develops froth. Sprinkle some coffee powder on top of it. (Avoid coffee powder in case of children).  Your drink is ready to serve now. 

Hot Apple Drink

A lady carrying a glass of hot ample drink made with apple, cloves, cinnamon

1 litre apple juice, 2 cloves, 2 pieces of cinnamon, 1/3 cups brown sugar,  

Time of Preparation

15 Minutes

How to Prepare

Pour all the ingredients into the pan and boil it. Cook for 15 minutes on low or Sim heat. Filter and serve hot with a peel of apple on the cup. Wow! that's easy!!! isn't it??

Tropical Tea


7 cups boiled water, 7 tea bags, 2 cups orange juice, 2 cup pineapple juice, 1/3 cups sugar, 2 small spoons of honey.
A cup of tropical tea made from boiled water, tea bags, sugar

Time of Preparation                                                                        
10 Minutes

How to Prepare

Put tea bags in a pan of boiled water and cover it for 5 minutes. Remove tea bags from the pan and mix all other ingredients and cook for 5 minutes on low heat. It is ready to serve.

Lemon Basil Tea


2 cups water, 1 small spoon of finely chopped basil leaves ( tulsi patti), 1 small grated lemon peel, 2 small spoons of black tea.

Time of Preparation                                                                 
A cup of lemon basil tea made from grated lemon, basil leaves

5 Minutes

How to Prepare

Boil water in a pan. Remove the pan from stove and mix basil leaves, lemon peel and black tea into it. Cover the pan for 5 minutes. Filter and serve hot. 

And, as soon i finished preparing the drinks, door bell shrieked, signalling the arrival of my daughter and her mom. 

As expected, wife yelled after seeing the 4 drinks on kitchen table, "OMG! you've again wasted my ingredients and gas. Will you ever learn to save money. Who will drink these experimental drinks of yours and that too 4 of them???What to do??/ and blah, blah, blah.......

Yours truly remained quite as usual.

Saturday, October 24, 2020

How to Overcome Anxiety

We all feel anxious sometimes or the other.  Its perfectly normal to be anxious sometimes, no big deal about it. People feel anxious before appearing for an  interview, shifting to new location, switching to a new job, or when they are about to face things they fear, Its normal.  

Feeling anxious in such situations is natural. Everyone gets pangs of anxiety in some situations.  Short term anxiety is not bad. 

However, problem arises when anxiety stays for long term. Chronic anxiety might turn into anxiety disorder, which is a disease.  

Though medication is available for anxiety disorder but it is much better to cure it naturally, without any medications or with minimal medicines.  So, let's try to find out how we can treat anxiety in a natural way.

 But, first we must know what anxiety is ? Without identifying it, we can't treat it, No? We will try to understand anxiety is easy words and not in medical terminology that bounces over the head for most. 

So, Anxiety is our body's natural reaction to stress. Its a fear to unknown, or an apprehension about what comes next. If this feeling becomes extreme or stay, as i said, for a longer duration of time, it might  turn into an anxiety disorder. 

You will need certain measures, including medication in extreme cases, so as to cure it.

Anxiety Symptoms

Common symptoms of anxiety include

  • confusion
  • elated heartbeat or palpitations
  • continuous negative thoughts
  • feeling of helplessness
  • muscular tension
  • breathing difficulty
  • apprehension

Treating Anxiety Naturally

Here, we will talk about how to treat anxiety naturally. And, it helps, believe me guys. Its helps to a great extent.

1. Prepare your routine: Having a routine in life is of utmost importance. It helps in keeping you busy and active, keeping negative thoughts away from you. It keeps your mind in discipline.

2. Exercise Regularly: Regular workouts are good for both mental and physical health.

3. Avoid Mind Stimulating Drinks: Do away with tea, coffee, energy drinks, and alcoholic beverages. Alcohol calms your nerves for a while but when its affect is over, you start feeling even more stressed and anxious than before.

4. Avoid Guilt feeling: There is no such thing as guilt. We are all humans and we err at times, its normal. But, carrying the feeling constantly that you did wrong would harm you in a big way. Avoid the guilt feeling at all costs. 

5. Smoking Kills: Stop smoking at once. Nicotine does irreparable harm to your brain and you may develop anxiety disorder in the long run.

6. Sleep Well: Insomnia is an associated symptom of anxiety. Get sound sleep of at least eight hours at night. Though it is easier said than done in case of anxiety patients, but you will have to try my friend, for your own good. Some steps in getting sound sleep that I can suggest are : 

  • Do not doze off during the day. Sleep only at night when you are dead tired.
  • Avoid watching TV, mobiles, or laptops once you get into the bed
  • Avoid tea or coffee at least 3 hours prior to sleeping
  • Wash your feet with warm water just before going to bed. It helps in calming your nerves, and thus, in getting you a sound sleep
  • Avoid bed lamps or night bulbs in your bedroom.
  • Postpone all your worries till next morning. Tell yourself, "I will attend to every matter next morning. Till then, let me sleep over it."
  • Have a sleep routine and follow it strictly.
7. Meditate Daily: There is no such thing as mediation in treating anxiety. I have tried it and gained from it. It greatly helps in relieving stress and tension, and calms you down in a natural manner. 

Various research have shown that mediation is like an anti-depressant which aids in treating anxiety and associated symptoms. 

A 40 minute mediation would do wonders for you. 20 minutes in the morning and 20 minutes in the evening is like a mana from heaven for you.

8. Avoid Junk food and eat healthy diet that includes leafy vegetables, fruits, milk in it.

9. Deep Breathing: Do deep breathing on regular basis. You can do it all the time while sitting, walking, watching TV, or working. Its simple, Just inhale deeply and exhale, and watch your breath as it enters deep into your abdomen. 

Take slow and deep breaths. If you follow this practice for one day, you will be amazed to see the results. You will feel rejuvenated. 

10. Do some social service and mingle with people. This Would help in soothing your mind and provide a feeling of worthiness. 

11. Constantly remind yourself, " What's there to fear about? We all live and we all die. No big deal in this. Why am I unnecessarily worried? there's nothing to be worried about, all is well and all will be well. Just relax and enjoy." Repeat this to yourself few times a day. 

Do follow these steps and comment on this post when you see the results. I am sure anxiety would be a gone thing, provided you follow these steps religiously. 


The Day of the Jackal

  Being a voracious reader, I have read tens of thousands of books in my life so far. As true reader, I have read more than I can remember a...