Tuesday, December 3, 2019

Top Websites that Pay you for your Writing-2

As you know i write by my own experience only so it takes a bit longer for me to update you .However, I found one more genuine site that is highly useful for content writers. 

Guys, it is one of the most effective website. I find regular clients here and some of them have become may permanent clients. The site takes commission for the work we get through it but its worth for. Just be alert on one thing. Do not work for employers who offer you to work outside Upwork, for they might cheat you. When you work within upwork, your payment is guaranteed. It is a free to join site. I strongly recommend it.

Wait till i find something else for you. Authentic...it will be.

Wednesday, April 19, 2017

Top Websites that Pay you for your Writing - 1

As a freelance writer, I have faced several difficulties while i was searching for genuine sites which could pay for my writing. I was always interested in writing but did not know how to earn money through writing. Getting clients who could be interested in my work was difficult. I queried a lot of people who were into writing but failed to get satisfactory answers from them. Tired of asking, I decided to explore myself ways of making money through writing. I am sharing some really good and authentic sites that would be interested to pay for your writing work. I have worked with these sites and can vouch for their authenticity. I hope this info would be useful for those who are passioante about earning through writing.

This is the best site for finding content writing jobs. All you have to do is to create your account with them and start bidding for jobs of your choice. This site brings people who are interested in getting content and people who are interested in writing content. So, this is best arrangement for writers who are in starting phase. You can bid your price for writing content that appeals to you. However, you must take care of clients that could cheat you. To avoid this, you must only accept payments through the site and should not interact or write for clients outside freelancer.com. This would ensure that you are not cheated and get paid for your work. The site charges 10% commission from you for its service. But its cool enough as it gives you opportunities and saving you from frauds. Freelancer mediates in case of any issue arising between client and you.

2. iwriter.com

iWriter is a very good platform for budding writers. Create an account and start. You must have a paypal account to work with iWriter. The site has 3 categories of writers i.e. Standard, Premium, and Elite. A standard writer gets USD2.43 for a 500 words article while a Premium writer gets double that amount i,e. USD4.46 for a 500 words article. Elite writer gets USD8.10 for the same article. You have to start as a standard writer and once you have written 30 articles you get upgraded to a premium writer. In order to get upgraded to a elite writer status, you must get 30 reviews or write 30 articles. The category (premium or Elite) in which you fall is decided by the ratings you get from clients.  This is a genuine website that really pays and is best for starters. you have to go through a simple grammar/punctuation test in order to qualify as a writer.

3. asiawriters.com/

This is a very authentic site that pays really good amount of money to its writers, ranging from USD20 per page to USD50 per page, depending on the type of work. But, don't get into it unless you are a very good writer and have mastered the art of content writing. When you apply, you have to go through a test of grammar/punctuation in first step. If you clear the test you are taken to second step where you have to write on a given topic. Both the tests have to be completed within 15 minutes of time. So, ensure you have a good internet connectivity that does not goes off during the test. if you fail the test you cannot apply again for 30 days. Asiawriters have clients who need extremely top class and quality content. The site is genuine i can can guarantee.

I would continue to this post and inform you about other sites in my next post. Till then, explore these sites and start writing instead of wandering and asking people about earning money through writing. Content writing is a serious business, apply yourself to it. Happy writing!! 

Friday, December 16, 2016

Ginsomin: A Rich Source of Nutrition

 Modern life style prevents people from consuming nutritional food creating lots of problems in the long run in form of diseases. Ginsomin is an ideal supplement that helps to ensure vitality and potency from long term perspective. As the word suggests, the medicine is created from the ancient Korean plant called GENSEING with the help of extensive research for the past many years. One of the much important benefits of the product is its amazing capability to enhance the immune system of the body. As a result, the body does not suffer from fatigue or other syndromes. A human being needs a suitable supply of vitamins and minerals so that they are able to deliver amazing results as far as health is concerned.

The medicine is created in the form of capsules containing Plant extract and vitamin D in large amount. Moreover, different versions of Vitamin B are also present to provide sufficient energy to an individual. Ginsomin is not only useful for men butt also women because it contains 15 mg of iron as well as folic acid. Although standard dosage is one capsule per day, it can be increased depending on the suggestions of a medical consultant.

Calcium exists as a part of the composition because it helps to strengthen bones and wards of problems like rickets and osteoporosis. The medicine is available in different countries such as Azerbaijan, Cambodia, Ghana and Indonesia to name a few. People suffering from lethargy can consume Ginsomin since it reinvigorates their physical and mental health.

If you are feeling low and cannot concentrate on the task, it’s time to switch over to supplementary capsules that eliminate the symptoms without any side effect. Popularity of the medicine has increased in recent times what with users buying it online in huge numbers.

Lastly, eating healthy and right diet is the key to fitness. If you eat right and seasonal food you would never need any supplements. If we remain close to nature and can make our routine in accordance with the nature, a number of diseases or deficiencies would cease to happen. And, believe me, living in symphony with mother nature is not that difficult, once we set our mind to it.

Wednesday, February 3, 2016

What Does Democracy mean for me?

Democracy for me means everything. I cannot imagine life without democracy as it is a way of life and not a system. Living in a true democracy is a blessing which can be experienced only by the people who have opted for a democratic setup. There are unfortunate people in this world who do not get to enjoy the fruits and goodness of a democracy. On the other hand, most of us take democracy for granted and do not care for it. We must understand that democracy requires some duties as well on behalf of its citizens.

As a matter of fact, democracy is like a second nature to me. I am free to do anything I like unless I do not violate the rule of the law. A true democracy allows me to openly express my viewpoint on the issues most sensitive. It permits me to eat, speak, read, write, sing, and listen to whatever I like. It gives me a set of rights that no one can take away. And, these rights make me feel human since they guarantee the basic privileges as all humans must have so as to live decently.

Democracy, as they say, is of the people, for the people, and by the people. The essence is people come first in a true democracy. So, if people come first, they must also ensure that they are strengthening it continuously by their deeds and actions. This is vital because if we go on asserting our rights without doing our duties to democracy, soon it will crumble.

It must also be remembered that democracy is not for fools. Yes, I might sound harsh but it is true. Most responsible and intelligent of nations and people understand the value of democracy and try to preserve it. As I said earlier, democracy is a way of life and, hence, we have to live it properly and in the most correct manner. An effective democracy offers so many rights that often, people might tend to misuse them. Thus, it becomes extremely necessary to understand democracy correctly.

It is the duty of people who are more resourceful and intelligent than others to educate their brethren and fellow countrymen about the values of a democratic system. The very basic of democracy is that it is spread equally among all. Otherwise, the power will get confined to a handful of individuals and it will become a sham democracy, even worse than dictatorship. All the people living in a democratic country must, and I repeat, must know their rights and duties. By knowing their rights, they will be able to use democracy at the fullest and by knowing their duties, they will make it stronger.

Further, if we look at the history of the world, countries that had a true democratic setup progressed and prospered, while those who had any other system, faltered in their way to progress. In a democratic arrangement, a person gets a positive environment to create, invent, write, or build freely. When a person is free, creativity unleashes, thus, making the lives of others better.

In the end, I can only say that democracy is the best system that guarantees a decent and respectful lives to all human beings, as God would have wanted it when He created the world.    


Tuesday, May 5, 2015

Highly Unorganized Indian Content Writing Industry

Hi Guys, Hope you are doing good in your lives. This topic was occupying my mind space from quite sometime now. So, i decided to vent it out. Bear with me even if you do not agree with my views. In that case, come with your suggestions and feedbacks.

I have been writng since 5 years now and still i can't say that i am well "settled' in life, owing to the nature of work and the dynamics of this industry. First of all, it is a low paying industry. I am sure this sentence must have brought smiles on the faces of my fraternity members. Yes, it is true. No one wants to pay content writers as they consider writing a work that requires no skill and is easy to do. People pay thousands of bucks to website developers and designers, but when it comes to pay content writers, they resort to excuses. 

Even writing companies, who earn revenues by offering content writing services to their clients throw tantrums while paying. Secondly, even for a writer like me who has been in this field for ample time, it is difficult to earn decent money through writing. For earning good money in writing industry, we would all agree, we need good and educated writers. (I can write good but i have a limit to how much i can write and deliver per day). But the problem is that even after so many years, content writing industry has failed beyond limits to attract nicley educated individuals who are ready to opt it as a carrer.

It is extremely difficult to employ good writers due to several reasons. First, it is hard to pay reasonable amount to the writers as employers already work on tight budget. So, money is the primary obstacle in obtaining good writers. Second, the writers are mostly school going guys and hence, cannot be depended upon as to for how many they would work. Then, housewives, retired people all have their limitations and cannot spare much time for writing. 

Most of the writers, i have tested for my projects are casual and do not take this work seriously. They write uneffective content, miss deadlines, and worse, if you try to improve them with their writing, they threaten to leave or sometimes leave without any trace.  This has been a consistent problem i have been facing eversince i decided to employ writers. 

Then, let us come to the clients. A number of clients, i have experienced, have no clear vision about what they want from content they have ordered. They keep on demand changes and insist on modifying the content, without even telling the poor writer what they expect from the content. Such clients frustrate the writers. I am not saying that the clients shall not ask for modification but they must keep their goals and aims clear while ordering the content. Doing so, will not only help them but also the writers and industry as a whole. 

Clients running away and not paying for the content is a common problem and goes on unchecked. Such frauds have forced many good and honest writers to quit the industry.  

What is seriously need for content writers is an effective and vibrant association that can look into such cases and alert writers about them. This can also solve the pricing isuue as the association can fix a minimum amount for various kinds of content writing work. 

Will discuss more about the issue in my next blog post. Please comment and send your feedbacks.


Sunday, January 25, 2015

Understanding PCOS

Guys,i have done a bit of research on PCOS. I would like to share it with the ladies suffering from this dreaded disease. I aim to help such women by making them undertsand as to what really PCOS is and how does it affects the overall health of a suffering lady. I would do a series on this disease. your feedback is required.

PCOS or Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome is a disease that occurs in about 5 to 10% of women within their reproductive age. This condition has symptoms like irregular periods, infertility, and abnormal ovulation, amplified body hair, acne and increased body mass index (BMI).
In the syndrome like PCOS the women ovaries usually contain many micro cysts that look like string of pearls just below their ovarian surface spread by the overgrowth of their ovarian connective tissue, known as stroma. 

Women with PCOS often carry a family history of diseases like diabetes with insulin resistance. This fundamental diabetic profile can play a significant role in developing PCOS which contributes to developing obesity and even a tendency of coronary vascular disease.

These women are certainly at the risk of having ovarian, uterine and even breast cancer during the later stages of their life. They need to be evaluated for these types of conditions frequently than those with no syndrome of PCOS.

Most of the women having PCOS generally do not ovulate or ovulate with irregularity. As a result, they go through a delayed or irregular menstruation in addition to being chromosomally abnormal. The poor quality of egg results in an overexposure to the male hormones and the two factors result in a poor reproductive performance in women suffering from PCOS.

They are also at an over responding risk to the fertility drugs and they risk may lead to the complications that can be life endangering. Also, when they receive fertility agents after hCG trigger shot, they use to release many eggs at a time and this may increase the chances of multiple pregnancy by 40 percent and high order multiple by about 10 to 20 percent. This situation has some devastating consequences.

There are many varieties of Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome such as Hypothalamic pituitary PCOS, Adrenal PCOS, PCOS linked with pelvic adhesive disease.