Monday, April 8, 2013

Benefits of Argan Oil Treatment

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I wrote on Alzheimer's disease before this current post. I planned to post 5-6 articles on Alzheimer's but due to incomplete research I am not ready for it. I would post the sequels to Alzheimer's within next week. Meanwhile, enjoy this extremely beneficial post.  

Ever since humanity prevailed on planet Earth men and women have been paying attention to their bodies. In ancient times people used to decorate their bodies with ornaments and other available items in order to look good. Times have changed but human instinct is still the same, to look good and attractive. Hair play a vital role in making individuals appear good and charming. Taking proper care of one’s hair is extremely important in order to impress others.

Argan oil treatment for hair is a popular and most result oriented method to keep your hair nice and healthy. There are numerous benefits of Argan oil which can be felt instantly after taking the treatment. Owing to its great benefits, Argan oil is also termed as miracle oil or liquid gold for hair. It is the first choice of beauty experts across the globe.

Argan oil treatment gives a new life to flyaway, tangled, dry, and rough hair by hydrating them naturally. The treatment prevents roughness and curliness effectively and makes them appear shiny. Argan oil enhances the growth of hair in natural manner and makes them more elastic so that they do not fall off. So, it also stops baldness which is the one of the most common problem in today’s stressed lifestyles of individuals.

After treating your hair with this miracle oil you would notice that the lost smoothness is back to the hair. Argan oil contains various anti-oxidants which help in restoring the damaged hair cellular membrane, which, in turn, provides strength to the hair. Beauty experts, very often, prescribe Vitamin E for hair so that they get strength and shine. However, Argan oil already contains Vitamin E which aids in restoring the hair as they were originally.

Argan oil treatment maintains the moisture in hair naturally thus making them look lustrous and glossy. These days, people often apply color to their hair which makes the hair brittle and rough. However, application of argan oil enhances the life of colored hair by repairing the damage done to them by coloring and heals effectively the brittle hair.
Further, Argan oil treatment provides the much needed protein to the hair with the help of unsaturated fatty acids including Omega 9 and Omega 3 that are present in Argan oil. These fatty acids offer nutrition to hair roots and pores making them strong and vibrant. The fatty acids present in this liquid gold repair split ends that are caused due to several reasons.

How to Apply   
The proper application of Argan oil is extremely important as it would decide how much benefit you are extracting from it. The oil can be applied both before and after the bath. Take some oil in your palm and apply it to the wet hair and massage gently with your finger tips. Take special care to apply the oil adequately to the pores and roots of your hair. A hair brush or a comb can also be used so as to apply it evenly to all parts of the scalp.
Thus, we see that Argan oil treatment offer numerous benefits provided it is used in efficient manner.