Wednesday, February 3, 2016

What Does Democracy mean for me?

Democracy for me means everything. I cannot imagine life without democracy as it is a way of life and not a system. Living in a true democracy is a blessing which can be experienced only by the people who have opted for a democratic setup. There are unfortunate people in this world who do not get to enjoy the fruits and goodness of a democracy. On the other hand, most of us take democracy for granted and do not care for it. We must understand that democracy requires some duties as well on behalf of its citizens.

As a matter of fact, democracy is like a second nature to me. I am free to do anything I like unless I do not violate the rule of the law. A true democracy allows me to openly express my viewpoint on the issues most sensitive. It permits me to eat, speak, read, write, sing, and listen to whatever I like. It gives me a set of rights that no one can take away. And, these rights make me feel human since they guarantee the basic privileges as all humans must have so as to live decently.

Democracy, as they say, is of the people, for the people, and by the people. The essence is people come first in a true democracy. So, if people come first, they must also ensure that they are strengthening it continuously by their deeds and actions. This is vital because if we go on asserting our rights without doing our duties to democracy, soon it will crumble.

It must also be remembered that democracy is not for fools. Yes, I might sound harsh but it is true. Most responsible and intelligent of nations and people understand the value of democracy and try to preserve it. As I said earlier, democracy is a way of life and, hence, we have to live it properly and in the most correct manner. An effective democracy offers so many rights that often, people might tend to misuse them. Thus, it becomes extremely necessary to understand democracy correctly.

It is the duty of people who are more resourceful and intelligent than others to educate their brethren and fellow countrymen about the values of a democratic system. The very basic of democracy is that it is spread equally among all. Otherwise, the power will get confined to a handful of individuals and it will become a sham democracy, even worse than dictatorship. All the people living in a democratic country must, and I repeat, must know their rights and duties. By knowing their rights, they will be able to use democracy at the fullest and by knowing their duties, they will make it stronger.

Further, if we look at the history of the world, countries that had a true democratic setup progressed and prospered, while those who had any other system, faltered in their way to progress. In a democratic arrangement, a person gets a positive environment to create, invent, write, or build freely. When a person is free, creativity unleashes, thus, making the lives of others better.

In the end, I can only say that democracy is the best system that guarantees a decent and respectful lives to all human beings, as God would have wanted it when He created the world.