Tuesday, April 23, 2013

How to Prevent Alzheimer’s Disease?

Hi Guys, I am back with my posts on Alzheimer's. There was a break in between, but i hope you enjoyed Argan Oil post.  From today onwards, I would post about Alzheimer's disease and try to discuss all the aspects of this dreaded disease. Please provide your valuable feedback for my improvement. Thanks guys. Read on.

For long time, it was presumed that Alzheimer’s disease is completely incurable and nothing can be done to prevent it. Nevertheless, with many explorations and researches done by great scientists and doctors it has become possible to prevent this ghastly disease if not eradicate it.

The phrase, “Prevention is better than cure” hold true for this disease. This disease can be prevented by eating right food, exercising periodically, remaining socially and mentally active and maintaining stress under control.

Thus, it is lesson for the victim of this disease to lead a brain-healthy living standard for prevention, retardation or reversing of this disease.

The researchers all over the world are struggling towards a treatment for Alzheimer’s disease. As such no complete cure has come to light. But, their attention has shifted from cure to prevention methods.

They have discovered that it is possible to delay or prevent the occurrence of this disease through an amalgamation of healthful habits. It never gets too late for boosting the nerves of your brain. Irrespective of your age, there are remedial measures, which you can adopt for keeping your psyche active and healthy.

There are some factors like your genes, which are beyond your reach, but several factors of powerful lifestyle entirely depend on you. These factors are regular exercise, stress management, quality sleep, mental stimulation, healthy diet, regular exercise and active social life.

If you are indulgent in these factors then you can certainly prevent its metastasis. It proves that the more you lay emphasis on these factors, the hardier and healthier your psyche will be.

Therefore, it is advisable to lead a brain-healthy life for the prevention of this disease. The old folk suffer the most. They show a peculiar type of childishness, thereby needing support and cooperation of other people.

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