Monday, April 1, 2013

Holistic Approach to Alzheimer’s' Disease

An epidemiological research done on Alzheimer’s disease, proffers four major contributions. They are the possibility of recognizing risk factors, accomplishment of the clinical picture, information for policy making and services, and the construction of medical equipment and instruments for measuring and screening over time.

The prevalent surveys have not yet endeavored to cause differentiation in various kinds of dementia. The occurrence of incidence rate is said to be nearly 1% in the old people as a whole, but gradually it deepens with the age.

The risk factors, which have come to light till now are age, family background, thyroid disease and head injury. For later progress, especially in recognizing risk factors, what the need allows is to have uniform criteria for diagnosing this disease.

Doctors’ holistic approach to the victims lays the foundation of good health for adults, who are afflicted with Down syndrome. The victims having Down syndrome are prone to a variety of sicknesses including Alzheimer’s disease, Atlantoaxial subluxation, hearing loss, obsessive disorder, depression, diabetes, and thyroid disease.

Apart from routine health screening, the victims having Down syndrome should be subjected to screening for dementia, symptoms and signs of compression of spinal cord, hypothyroidism and sleep apnea. The victims having Down syndrome might have uncommon presentation of a common illness or condition and changes in behavior or loss in functioning may be only sign of medical sickness.

The plans, which are meant for long-term arrangements, custody arrangements and estate planning should be thoroughly discussed with the guardians or parents. Due to improvement in better education and health care, many victims afflicted with Down syndrome can hopefully function, live in home and do a good job.

In conclusion, doctors and scientists are hell bent on achieving holistic approach to this crippling disease. For this, we will have to rely on time. Let’s be optimistic about it.

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