Tuesday, May 5, 2015

Highly Unorganized Indian Content Writing Industry

Hi Guys, Hope you are doing good in your lives. This topic was occupying my mind space from quite sometime now. So, i decided to vent it out. Bear with me even if you do not agree with my views. In that case, come with your suggestions and feedbacks.

I have been writng since 5 years now and still i can't say that i am well "settled' in life, owing to the nature of work and the dynamics of this industry. First of all, it is a low paying industry. I am sure this sentence must have brought smiles on the faces of my fraternity members. Yes, it is true. No one wants to pay content writers as they consider writing a work that requires no skill and is easy to do. People pay thousands of bucks to website developers and designers, but when it comes to pay content writers, they resort to excuses. 

Even writing companies, who earn revenues by offering content writing services to their clients throw tantrums while paying. Secondly, even for a writer like me who has been in this field for ample time, it is difficult to earn decent money through writing. For earning good money in writing industry, we would all agree, we need good and educated writers. (I can write good but i have a limit to how much i can write and deliver per day). But the problem is that even after so many years, content writing industry has failed beyond limits to attract nicley educated individuals who are ready to opt it as a carrer.

It is extremely difficult to employ good writers due to several reasons. First, it is hard to pay reasonable amount to the writers as employers already work on tight budget. So, money is the primary obstacle in obtaining good writers. Second, the writers are mostly school going guys and hence, cannot be depended upon as to for how many they would work. Then, housewives, retired people all have their limitations and cannot spare much time for writing. 

Most of the writers, i have tested for my projects are casual and do not take this work seriously. They write uneffective content, miss deadlines, and worse, if you try to improve them with their writing, they threaten to leave or sometimes leave without any trace.  This has been a consistent problem i have been facing eversince i decided to employ writers. 

Then, let us come to the clients. A number of clients, i have experienced, have no clear vision about what they want from content they have ordered. They keep on demand changes and insist on modifying the content, without even telling the poor writer what they expect from the content. Such clients frustrate the writers. I am not saying that the clients shall not ask for modification but they must keep their goals and aims clear while ordering the content. Doing so, will not only help them but also the writers and industry as a whole. 

Clients running away and not paying for the content is a common problem and goes on unchecked. Such frauds have forced many good and honest writers to quit the industry.  

What is seriously need for content writers is an effective and vibrant association that can look into such cases and alert writers about them. This can also solve the pricing isuue as the association can fix a minimum amount for various kinds of content writing work. 

Will discuss more about the issue in my next blog post. Please comment and send your feedbacks.


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