Wednesday, April 19, 2017

Top Websites that Pay you for your Writing - 1

As a freelance writer, I have faced several difficulties while i was searching for genuine sites which could pay for my writing. I was always interested in writing but did not know how to earn money through writing. Getting clients who could be interested in my work was difficult. I queried a lot of people who were into writing but failed to get satisfactory answers from them. Tired of asking, I decided to explore myself ways of making money through writing. I am sharing some really good and authentic sites that would be interested to pay for your writing work. I have worked with these sites and can vouch for their authenticity. I hope this info would be useful for those who are passioante about earning through writing.

This is the best site for finding content writing jobs. All you have to do is to create your account with them and start bidding for jobs of your choice. This site brings people who are interested in getting content and people who are interested in writing content. So, this is best arrangement for writers who are in starting phase. You can bid your price for writing content that appeals to you. However, you must take care of clients that could cheat you. To avoid this, you must only accept payments through the site and should not interact or write for clients outside This would ensure that you are not cheated and get paid for your work. The site charges 10% commission from you for its service. But its cool enough as it gives you opportunities and saving you from frauds. Freelancer mediates in case of any issue arising between client and you.


iWriter is a very good platform for budding writers. Create an account and start. You must have a paypal account to work with iWriter. The site has 3 categories of writers i.e. Standard, Premium, and Elite. A standard writer gets USD2.43 for a 500 words article while a Premium writer gets double that amount i,e. USD4.46 for a 500 words article. Elite writer gets USD8.10 for the same article. You have to start as a standard writer and once you have written 30 articles you get upgraded to a premium writer. In order to get upgraded to a elite writer status, you must get 30 reviews or write 30 articles. The category (premium or Elite) in which you fall is decided by the ratings you get from clients.  This is a genuine website that really pays and is best for starters. you have to go through a simple grammar/punctuation test in order to qualify as a writer.


This is a very authentic site that pays really good amount of money to its writers, ranging from USD20 per page to USD50 per page, depending on the type of work. But, don't get into it unless you are a very good writer and have mastered the art of content writing. When you apply, you have to go through a test of grammar/punctuation in first step. If you clear the test you are taken to second step where you have to write on a given topic. Both the tests have to be completed within 15 minutes of time. So, ensure you have a good internet connectivity that does not goes off during the test. if you fail the test you cannot apply again for 30 days. Asiawriters have clients who need extremely top class and quality content. The site is genuine i can can guarantee.

I would continue to this post and inform you about other sites in my next post. Till then, explore these sites and start writing instead of wandering and asking people about earning money through writing. Content writing is a serious business, apply yourself to it. Happy writing!!