Saturday, October 26, 2013

How to Download iOs 7 (Download, iOs 7)

Guys, its long tme that i have not updated the blog. Was very busy with some homely affairs. Today, i will discuss about downloading iOS 7 on iPhones. I am posting this blog on demand from many of my friends who wanted to know about it. so here I go....

You need not wait any more. The wait is finally over.  We have, finally, the new version of Apple’s Mobile operating system, iOs7 that is rocking in the market. This is the most important update since Iphone and comes with latest features as well as much improved iOs features. Some of the missing features have been added as well.

However, you need to know How to Download iOs 7 and update your iPhone, iPad or iPod with this new software. You can get the free version if you have an iPhone, iPad or iPod touch support and you need to pay if you have don’t have definitely.

The steps are as below:

Ø  You first need to check whether your device support iOs7 or not. It supports iPhone4, iPhone 4S, iPhone5 and iPad 2 as well as third, fourth generation iPad mini. The fifth generation iPod 4S is also being supported as well.

Ø  You then need to back up your device. This is important or you will lose all your data. There are two ways in which you can take up the back up. You can back up on iCloud (Apple server) or you can back up on your Mac or PC through the iTunes. If you will enable the option to take regularly the back up to iCloud then the back will be taken automatically. You just need to connect yourself to Wi-fi and then you just need to check when the final backup was taken. If you feel you need a new back up then you can take it immediately. Navigate to settings->iCloud->Storage and backup->iCloud back up.

Ø  There is second way to take the back up and you can store the data on your PC or Mac via iTunes. If you want to take the backup then you need to connect the iOs device to the computer and then authorize your iTunes account. Go to store menu and tap on ‘Authorize this computer’. You need to enter your Apple ID as well. You might need unlocking the device if you ever set the pass code and only then iTunes can sync as well as finally carry on with the backup procedure.

Ø  The device will be shown in upper right corner if you have iTunes 11. You can click over the device name and then back up now or go to device summary page and finally select Back up. To check back up go to preference menu and select devices tab. Here you will see all your backup.

Ø  Now you can install iOs 7.  If you want to upgrade over the air then go to settings->General->Software and update->download and install.

Ø  You can either install iOs 7 directly to your iOs device through an over-the-air Software Update via Wi-Fi or connect it to your computer and install the update through iTunes. The download will start immediately or you need to go to the Summary page. Click on check for update and finally download and Update. Your update will start immediately with Apple Logo and the progress will be shown through the progress bar.

Ø  After installation or updating you will be prompted to enable the location services. Then you will be required to set up your iPhone as a new phone, restore from an iCloud Backup or you can select restore from an iTunes back up. If you choose iCloud then you need to select the iCloud credentials and you need to stay connected to Wi-Fi? You will then see all your data and finally see the home screen with brand new OS.
Finally, you have installed the latest IOS 7.

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