Thursday, August 1, 2013

Google Updates Penguin 2.0 – Who will Survive?

Google has once again updated its search engine algorithms forcing Internet marketers to rethink about its strategy to attract traffic by writing effective keyword based content. The latest update Penguin2.0, released on May 22, 2013, aims at penalizing websites which use keyword stuffed content and anchor text for link building. This would automatically end the usage of backdoor SEO tactics, aka black-hat SEO, thus, clearing Internet spam. Penguin2.0 is a search engine algorithm by world’s biggest search engine, Google.

Penguin was originally introduced in April 2012 to do away with websites using black hat techniques for Search engine optimization (SEO). These techniques were being used by webmasters to influence search engine results in an artificial manner. Some popular black hat SEO techniques including link buying, cloaking, keyword stuffing, and duplicate content were taken into consideration by the unique penguin update.

Sites Impacted by Penguin 2.0 Update

The websites containing keyword stuffed anchor texts links would be impacted the most as this latest update concentrates heavily on anchor texts and links. All the sites that have been using a lot of anchor texts with exactly matched key phrases are likely to suffer most as they seem unnatural to crawlers from Google.

Further, websites using aggressive campaigns for link building would be badly affected by Penguin2.0. Thus, the sites containing links from other websites which are considered low-quality by Google would have to suffer. Penguin 2.0 makes sure that putting too many backlinks in unrelated websites, blog comments, and webpage footers is no longer beneficial and websites doing so would be penalized.
Who Will Survive?

Surviving Penguin 2.0 is easy. Just do away with black hat and short term SEO techniques and create even lesser spam. Remember, Google is still following the same policies and no changes have been made in them, hence, if you follow good SEO techniques, you will be awarded by the latest update.

Well, now it is high time that we start using unique, original and quality content in our websites. Ideally, we must have done this much earlier, but it’s not too late even now. Write the content that is truly beneficial for the Internet users. Google likes the content that is endorsed and shared by the social media.

It is an era of social media and websites can be successful only when its content is read, appreciated, shared, and promoted by the individuals using social media. Here, we must ensure that our sites contain social medial buttons such as Facebook, Twitter, Stumbleupon, and so on.  

Strategy for Natural SEO

Moreover, focus should be on securing natural and quality links instead of going for any irrelevant links. So, if you are a health based website, then links from other health related sites would be useful as the users would click on these links to gain more knowledge on the subject.

Conclusively, plan out an exhaustive content writing tactic with an effective marketing strategy, for long term success. And, if you have not done so already, shred the old SEO techniques and start using the natural and organic tactics in order to get quality and recurring traffic to your websites.

I sincerely hope that this piece makes you even more knowledgeable as to how Google likes and dislikes certain websites. Please provide your valuable feedback so that I can improve my writing and offer you more valuable info. Till then, enjoy!!!